The little booklet that Frances made for me was very useful and the recommendations were pertinent. Each day of the trip had its own page. I found tips on food, my lodgings, transportation and the quirks of the days walk. There were a variety of options for transportation at the beginning and end of the trip, which allowed me to choose which one fit with my budget, or things I wanted to see. Little details, like WiFi access at hostels, or availability of lunches for the following day let me save time. I ate at the oldest pub in the UK following one of her recommendations! You can feel Frances' passion for walking! She was very generous with her answers to my many questions, as well as being super quick. I traveled alone, but felt as though she was with me the whole time.  I liked the experience so much, that I will definitely ask for her help for my walking trip to Newfoundland in two years. Thank you Frances.